Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Actor vs. Art

Acting Portrait NYC

Portraits of NYC actor Ras Enoch McCurdie http://www.rasenoch.com/  in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Check out his actor site here. It's entirely a testament to Ras that we could work outside at all because the wind gusts were cold and powerful.  

We'd done almost an hour already and I think we were both set to go inside because of the weather. But when I saw that this wall was in such perfect form – and also just happened to almost have Ras' name on it - (with a Z instead of an S) -  I had to push for this one last set .

Actor with Street Art
....and I was able to flip the Z  in post and make things correct for our purposes. (The original was left untouched) - sincere thanks and compliments to all the artists shown. 
A couple others from towards the end of the outdoor run.

commercial actor head shot

Actor Ras Enoch McCurdie